We partner with our clients to identify and define action plans for value creation opportunities.

In today’s environment, companies face a daunting task of ensuring their business development and government relations initiatives support their strategic objectives. In order to help our clients achieve this task, Neptune combines expertise in contracting, program management, legislative processes, and business development to build-out a decisive plan.

Current and previous management consulting services include competitive analysis, product positioning, stakeholder engagement, and M&A analysis.


We assess strategic objectives based on market analysis and assist leadership in defining business development and government relations initiatives, ensuring product/market alignment.

Neptune collaborates with its clients in developing tailored solutions in-line with each company’s underlying values and goals. We do this by understanding the firm’s objectives, mapping key stakeholders, identifying the programs that drive revenues, and building an action plan that is structured and sequenced to minimize risk and maximize impact.

A mutually developed Statement of Work is the basis for every engagement, providing a clear link between Objectives, supporting Deliverables, and Metrics for success. To develop an action plan, Neptune constructs a comprehensive stakeholder map to identify key stakeholders who influence potential outcomes. Additionally, we build a Value Creation Map to breakdown revenues by category and supporting program so that business development and government relations efforts can be prioritized. The by-product of this process is our Fishbone chart – an annual outlook of events impacting our client’s strategic objectives.