Neptune exists because the biggest problems are ever-changing and complex.

Neptune is a hybrid enterprise created with depth and breadth of knowledge in mind – the knowledge needed to operate effectively in today’s highly regulated marketplaces. By leveraging our enterprise model, we identify risk and opportunity upstream of traditional stakeholders, setting the stage for long-term solutions and value creation opportunities.


A changed world.

We believe four forces – Security, Technology, Economics, and Politics & Policies (STEP2) – have dismantled what was known as “The Iron Triangle” of industry and the Executive and Legislative branches of government. As a result, highly regulated marketplaces have changed, becoming more complex, interconnected, and turbulent.

Today, the gap between short-term problems and long-term solutions has widened, while strategic thinking and action have become increasingly more difficult. In order to deal with more stakeholders, systemic issues, and overwhelming information, depth and breadth of knowledge are essential – no longer a singular relationship or data point as in yesterday’s marketplace. Only then can complex problems be broken into their component parts, in preparation for implementing an action plan aimed towards strategic objectives.


Guiding organizations to realize their strategic objectives.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Neptune integrates consulting services, proprietary research, and programmatic & policy analysis to identify risk and opportunity upstream of the competition. By operating at the nexus of stakeholders and data, we deliver value creation opportunities, setting the stage for our clients to realize their strategic objectives. Our primary focus is the defense and national security sector, but our efforts touch across many highly regulated marketplaces.


Improve the way government and industry work.

We see an opportunity to affect true, strategic change in highly regulated marketplaces. The public and private sectors have a shared responsibility in how government and industry work. By operating at the nexus of the public and private sectors, Neptune facilitates interaction between the two, progressing towards more efficient and effective marketplaces.

We improve the way government and industry work, both independently and in collaboration.