We leverage our unique insights to bring innovative solutions to improve government’s function and interaction with industry—ultimately furthering government’s effectiveness.

In keeping with our purpose, we facilitate interaction between the public and private sectors, and help each navigate today’s most challenging and complex issues. From understanding the strategic environment to providing program assessments, Neptune is uniquely positioned to deliver key insights and innovative concepts that improve the way government and industry work, both independently and in collaboration.

Current and previous projects include futures capabilities assessment, program budgeting, stakeholder development, and public-private project development.

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    U.S. Security Cooperation Review


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    Since the 11 September 2001 attacks, security cooperation has gained renewed priority, shifting from secondary activities to “an integral element of the DoD’s mission.”


We put detailed analysis of the future operating environment into context, ultimately helping our clients choose the optimum pathway to achieving their objectives.

Neptune helps orient for a longer view, sequencing dependencies and developing strategy that leads to effective implementation. We leverage the entire Neptune enterprise to design creative and innovative solutions. Neptune’s blended approach to understanding the geo-political and business environments, and our team’s capability across finance, programs, policy, and operations allows us to keep pace with the changing nature of the sector and to understand the needs of the government customer.